Thursday, March 12, 2009


I am a Great Aunt as of today. My nephew James had a little girl. She is too cute for words. So here are some pics of the new baby with Mom and Dad, and Grandpa and Aunts and Uncles. Her name is Emily.
Emily Gonzalez

Spring is Here

SeKoixa and I went out this past weekend to my favorite place to walk and take pictures. Clayton State College. Their campus is so nice. I just wanted to share some of the pictures. We were excited to see that the turtles were back. We thought they were all gone last year. The swans are always pretty, can't wait for the baby ducklings again this year.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Heather and Andy Moore - Wedding Day

So on Sunday, we woke up nice and early to get ready for the day. It was a rush rush. Last minute things to buy, and a rush to get to the Jazz Club to setup for the wedding and reception. We had a great time decorating. Until Heather cut her finger with scissors. Her ring finger of all fingers to cut. The wedding was great, we had a blast. My sisters and I danced the night away, and Cymmone caught the flowers. We listened to wonderful music, had a few beers, and some great pizza and pasta. And the cupcakes, were fabulous. I really did not want to get up and leave to come home the next morning. Being with my family, well it made me miss them even more than I already do.

To save time, I put together a video of almost all of the pictures. What a joyous time.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday in OK

We spent Saturday just hanging out. We did some shopping for Heather and Andy's present, and just were happy to hang out at the park. We had a blast just doing family stuff on Saturday. Then Heather and Andy had thier rehearsal dinner at this place called Sumo. It is a hibachi grill. I had never been to one before, so I was excited. Especially when she said there was more than just seafood there. HA HA
SeKoixa and Cymmone loved it, and had a great time. The park was at the elementary school where Amber went when she was younger. I must admit, they have a great playground. It was cool. They had this see saw thing that was out of this world. Here are some pics from that day.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Arrival in OK

Well, I beat everyone to OK. I was able to get in some extra time with my niece, Amber, and with Heather, and meet Andy for the first time. I am glad Heather found someone that makes her happy. They have a cute trendy house with some great architecture. I love the layout of the house. It is very unique.

Cymmone fell in love with the dog, and so did SeKoixa. I learned something new, neither of them are allergic to this type of dog. It is Yorkie. So maybe, just maybe, when I buy our house, we will get us one. We need another pet in the house, and I am not sure a cat will do this time. Pictured, my Step Sister - Heather, been my sister since I was like 8. And her daughter, Amber. My kids love her to death. We spent the first half of the day on Friday shopping etc. Then my sisters showed up with their kids, and we hung out at the house and had a great time catching up. Then later on my Dad and his wife, Donna (my step mom) showed up. I think Andy, the new husband to be, was freaked out by all of these people. And it is not like we are tame family. We are a little on the wild side!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Trip to Oklahoma

Today we headed out to Oklahoma, My steps-sister, Heather, is getting married on Sunday. I am going to be a bridesmaid. Why is this trip so wonderful? Not only do I get to be a bridesmaid for Heather, but I get to see her any my sisters, and my dad, and step mom, and my nieces and nephews that I have not see in forever. We miss them sooooo much.
The trip is going to take us 14 hours. We have to drive through Birmingham, AL and Memphis, TN. We also get to go through Little Rock, AR. We are leaving at night, so we can make better time. I was a little nervous driving that far with the girls and just myself. What a trip.
When we pulled out, no more than 15 minutes later on the freeway, Cymmone lost one of her teeth. I figure she could have at least waited for me to get there, or done it before we left. It was rather funny. So I had to put it in my laptop bag in a piece of paper.
This was our first trip in our new car, and I wish that we did not have bucket seats in the back for the girls. It made it hard for them to sleep. They were uncomfortable with thier legs, but I am sure as they get older, it won't really matter.

Racing is a big thing out here in the south. Nascar is huge. We happen to drive past Talledega
Raceway, ENORMOUS!! I was not able to get a pic of it, just a pic of the flags. I almost want to go back out there for the Sprint Cup end of April. I thought the Atlanta MotorSpeedway was huge! All in all, the trip out there was pretty smooth.

Memphis was not as big as I thought it would be, but the ride at night across the great Mississippi River, AHHmazing.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Park Play with Friends

SeKoixa and I went to the park On Sunday to hang out with my friend Christie, and her daughters. It was quite a fun time. It was a nice day outside, did not want it to go to waste. And with the car I just got, we had plenty of room for everyone without feeling squished. Here are some pictures.

My New Car!!!

This past weekend was fun. SeKoixa and I ventured out to buy me a new car. It was a long process, but needed to be done. My car had issues. It was just die whenever it wanted to. And with the drive to Oklahoma in a few weeks, I needed to make sure I got there safely.

I originally had in mind to buy a mini SUV - I really wanted a Nitro. Turns out, the one I wanted, sold three days earlier. So that helped!!

I test drove a few cars, and when I drove the Chrysler Pacifica I knew this was the car for my family. It is also my favorite color - midnight blue. It has tinted windows. The interior is black, but with the tinted windows, it does not get to hot in there. It has third row seating, and the second row is bucket seats. I went ahead and bought the touring model, which is the best choice for the kids comfort on long trips. This is not my car- but it is pretty close to it.

Friday, January 30, 2009

My Birthday


Her son, Tyler
SeKoixa, Our Photographer
Cymmone, Goofy girl
Meka, My sister
Christie, her daughters Nicole and Erika
Latrice, and her daughter Nykala
Me and my daughters
The Food was great
The group
The group again
My new Bed Spread
At home opening presents
My fish from Cymmone
My fish from SeKoixa

OK, so I turned the big 21 this past weekend. HA HA - I will never reveal my age. I have a lot of great friends out here in Georgia now. Some of them I have met from girlscouts, and others from my daughters school. Some I have met from church, and some from the internet.
I am so glad to have such wonderful friends here. They have been my lifesaver, and keep me going despite all that has happened this past year.

We went to dinner with my friends at Frontera Mex Mex. The girls had bought me a Calendar, and a new bedroom set for my bed. It is so pretty. I went to go buy my car, but the one I wanted, was sold. Just three days to late. So I will have to hold off till I find another car that I want.

So here are some of the pictures from my birthday. Thank you to those who came.